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Give a Living Christmas Gift by Planting Mpingo Trees
From The Good Gifts Catalog!

nl06-11.jpg (91319 bytes)Are you tired of giving gifts that you strongly suspect will end up in someone’s attic or on a shelf at Goodwill? Would you like your gift to have an impact on someone’s life? Good Gifts Catalog is a charitable organization that gives you an opportunity to give a gift that will truly make a difference, as every gift among its offerings goes to a person or cause that will lift someone out of poverty, help the environment, or address a pressing social issue.    

This year you can give a gift of mpingo saplings for Christmas or another occasion, because the ABCP is fortunate indeed to have been chosen for inclusion in the Good Gifts Catalog. For information on the catalog, click here. The ABCP offering is available at this link. Click on 6026 and 6027 “Plant bagpipe saplings”.

“I want to encourage you to support campaigns to save African forests and biodiversity. The importance of forests and the many services humanity gets from them is well known: ecological balance of the earth; they absorb carbon; prevent loss of soil and subsequent desertification; they offer safeguards against flooding; they are reservoirs for genetic resources; they control rainfall patterns and serve as catchment areas for freshwater and  rivers. Forests have been a source of wealth and inspiration throughout centuries.“
–Waangari Maathai, Kenya
Nobel Peace Prize Winner, 2004


African Blackwood Conservation Project

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