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Memorial Ceremony at Moshi Police Academy
Tanzania Police School Moshi and Clarinets for Conservation coordinated a public ceremony honoring Sebastian’s legacy.

Tanzania Police School Ceremony

The Tanzania Police School Moshi (TPS) has worked in close cooperation with the ABCP in instituting replanting programs for mpingo in the several acreages they control and utilize. On July 23, 2014, a ceremonial event to promote conservation and honor the memory of Sebastian Chuwa was held at the academy. Musicians from Clarinets for Conservation participated in providing music and leadership for the event, playing alongside the TPS band.

Staff officer T. T. Nyangasa delivered an address on behalf of TPS Commandant Matanga Mbushi. Following are excerpts: “As we are gathering here today for environmental conservation...we must take our time to remember some of our fellows who made some remarkable effort to conserve nature. One of them is our beloved the late Sebastian Chuwa. His contribution was beneficial not only for Tanzania but for the entire world. Three days before he passed away, he was at TPS together with his wife Elizabeth and their son discussing with the management about development of mpingo trees which were planted a few days ago at the TPS compound. He had provided us with some trees including mpingo, which we planted together; hence he was and still is, a real hero in environmental conservation. He was and still is a real teacher in nature conservation as he spent most of his time in disseminating education to the young and he really believed that in order to conserve nature, the young generation must be focused.”

From his deepest heart he declared that: “I consider it noble and at the same time an obligation on my part to share and pass on to the younger generation the need and value of loving and conserving nature and its environment.”

“What should be done, as the only way to honor all the good that Mr. Chuwa had done, is to ensure that we continue keeping our environment most beautiful especially by planting mpingo trees in cooperation with the ABCP. I want to assure you that the TPS will pay maximum cooperation to the team members as we did during the life of the late Chuwa.”

Elizabeth Chuwa

Elizabeth Chuwa and her brother, Dismas Macha, will take over the leadership of the ABCP in Tanzania. Elizabeth is the principle of Sungu Primary School in Kibosho East and an environmentalist in her own right. She graduated from Kleruu Teacher’s College in 1983 and previously taught at Olmwingoni School in Arusha and Ngorongoro Primary.

Throughout the years of their marriage, Elizabeth worked side by side with Sebastian in initiating and implementing tree planting programs and educational activities for conservation. Because of her close connection with the school system, she was able to implement many far reaching changes. She has taken a lead in her district in introducing environmental studies into the school curriculum, establishing programs for tree planting, recycling, and environmental beautification, and enrolling students in the youth conservation organizations, Malihai Clubs of Tanzania and Roots and Shoots. One special emphasis has been to instill a love of domestic and wild animals into her students.

Elizabeth and Sebastian have 4 children, all inspired by the cause of conservation and eager to see their parent’s work continued so that the ecology of their homeland will be preserved for future generations.

Dismas Macha

Dismas Macha

Dismas Macha, Elizabeth’s brother, has academic credentials and working experience in the field of environmental conservation. He has obtained a BA in Natural Resources Management from coursework taken at North Dakota State in Fargo, N. Dakota/USA and Egerton University in  Nakuru, Kenya. He earned a certificate in forestry from  Olmotonyi Forestry Training Institute in Arusha and has participated in numerous training programs relating to environmental conservation.

Since 1990 he has worked with the Natural Resources Department at Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) as a Senior Assistant Conservation Officer, supervising the Northern Highland Forest Reserve, covering 60% of the Crater area. In this capacity he collects and monitors plant species, conducts ecological monitoring and institutes programs for wildlife protection and forest renewal.

Also at Ngorongoro he works with resident Masai groups and residents of 13 adjacent villages to teach conservation awareness and help advance local living conditions. Dismas and his wife Beatrice, a school teacher, have two children.




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