Elizabeth shows mpingo seedling to youth development officer Irene Kiata
Elizabeth is explaining the importance of the mpingo tree to the environment to youth development officer, Irene Kiata.

Mpingo Planting

On May 29, Elizabeth led a planting effort for mpingo in Moshi, educating personnel and distributing trees at three locations. First visited was the Moshi Regional Council Office.  Irene Kiata, youth development officer, Nestory Mushi, Roots and Shoots Coordinator, Anderson Audax, Mwenge University  student and John Minde, University of Dar-es-Salaam student, participated in the planting.  At Kiusa Secondary School students were instructed about the importance and care of mpingo and helped plant seedlings in open areas of the school grounds.

At Korongoni Secondary, the ABCP is working with the music-conservation group Clarinets for Conservation (C4C) in supplying mpingo seedlings and providing guidance and instruction on its cultivation and care. Michele Von Haugg, director of C4C, along with a number of musicians, travel to Tanzania every summer to instruct Korongoni students in the clarinet and enlist them in planting programs for mpingo, of which clarinets are made. Elizabeth participated in a planting day with Korongoni students.

World Environment Day at Sungu School

Elizabeth & students celebrate World Environment Day 2014
Elizabeth and students celebrate World Environment
Day 2014 at Sungu School.

Students clean up environment
Sungu students held a clean-up day on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Here they proudly display the results of their efforts.

On June 5, Environment Day celebrations were held at Sungu Primary School on Mt. Kilimanjaro. This international celebration to call attention to the world’s environmental problems was established by the UN General Assembly in 1972. Organizers of the event were Elizabeth Chuwa, Dionis Munishi, Magreth Anga and Witto Msafiri. Students from Mweka College of African Wildlife Management attended and assisted in instructing the students in conservation and tree planting techniques.

One activity of the day was to sponsor a clean-up project in the neighborhood. Sungu is located one mile high on Mt. Kilimanjaro, so students also planted trees of indigenous species in targeted areas for environmental restoration.

Mary plants treeMary helps by planting a tree.

UN International Day of Peace

On Sept. 21, Elizabeth was the guest of honor at Kibosho Secondary School for a ceremony held in unison with the UN International Day of Peace. The annual event is held to recognize the efforts of individuals, organization and governments to end conflict and promote peace.

Roots and Shoots, the youth environment group founded by Jane Goodall, sponsored the event, which included a parade of students and teachers (below), entertainment events and activities geared to awareness of climate change. Elizabeth addressed the gathering about the importance of activity-based programs in protecting the environment.

UN Day of Peace parade




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