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An Appreciation to Those Who Helped Make Sebastian's Dreams Come True

The ABCP  would like to extend its gratitude to all those individuals and organizations who helped actualize Sebastian’s dreams during the past 20 years. Rafiki Friends Foundation was one of the earliest, sending educational materials, equipment, a Unimog vehicle and funding to build an infrastructure for conservation education. The ABCP followed, establishing a mpingo nursery in Mijongweni which has been the heart of the project, with continual expansion and large numbers of tree seedlings distributed every year. Many private individuals have supported the work of the ABCP, faithfully contributing every year since its beginnings.

Major foundation support for the ABCP has come from the Rolex Awards for Enterprise, Good Gifts Catalogue, Cottonwood Foundation, Wildlife Explorer, New England Biolabs Foundation, Lindberg Foundation and British Petroleum. The Arbor Day Foundation awarded Sebastian its highest honor, the J. Sterling Morton Award. The World Forum Foundation and Nature Action Collaborative for Children invited him David Costello-Lopez and Sebastianto be part of their leadership teams. Through these connections both he and Elizabeth were able to travel to conferences around the world. A number of films were created featuring Sebastian’s work, among them Mpingo: The Tree That Makes Music and The Revival of Mt. Kilimanjaro by David Castello-Lopes and Luc Ihaddadene (see image, David and Sebastian, left).

These people and organizations are similarly devoted to positive change and supported Sebastian in his efforts to make a difference within his beloved Africa. We can only trust that his legacy will be written in the millions of trees he planted and the thousands of students he inspired to follow his lead and leave the planet a better place for tomorrow’s children.

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