Michael earned his first level certificate from Iringa College in 2015,
and will graduate wtht a Diploma in Information Technology.

Michael Chuwa

Michael is the oldest son of Sebastian and Elizabeth and he has been interested in computer technology since completing secondary school in Moshi in 2009. He studied for two years at the Institute of Accountancy in Arusha and received a certificate as a Basic Technician in Computer Science. To further his computer studies he entered the University of Iringa in south-central Tanzania and after two years received a first level certificate. He is now in his final three years of college and will graduate with a B.S. degree in Information Technology.

His area of specialization will be programming and multimedia subjects and he is primarily interested in the construction of Internet websites. He has just completed a field work assignment on Dynamic Web Development to build skills in designing sophisticated and interactive web content.

Michael has been an important partner in carrying on the work of the ABCP. Along with his three siblings, he was taught to respect and protect the environment in his childhood years through the family’s participation in the numerous environmental initiatives conceived and implemented by Sebastian and Elizabeth during their years of dedicated work in northern Tanzania.

During the past few years Michael and Cyril have cooperated in distributing a variety of tree seedlings from the Mpingo Nursery to schools and churches in different area of northern Tanzania, instructing students and teachers in the planting and long term care of the species distributed. With Dismas, they have renovated the ABCP Mpingo Nursery structure and continue to oversee the ongoing work of producing seedlings.

Three generations of the Chuwa family have been active in teaching the principles of conservation to Kilimanjaro communities. Michael Iwaku Chuwa, Sebastian’s father, was an accomplished herbalist who taught his neighbors the science of deriving medicinal remedies from plant species on Kilimanjaro. Sebastian followed his path by instituting numerous programs that simultaneously conserved nature and enhanced human welfare. Elizabeth and Sebastian’s children are now learning the methodologies bringing conservation into the modern era and continue in the important work of their ancestors.

Michael unloading seedlings from the ABCP Toyota Land Cruiser,
funded by the Rolex Awards for Enterprise.




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