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africanwebsitesanim.gif (3234 bytes) – Excellent effort to pull together on one website all the conservation projects working to save specific species or areas of Africa. Country profiles provide information about every African country.

sound&fair_logo.jpg (22928 bytes) Sound and Fair is a campaign to realise a sustainable trade in African blackwood. Its goals are to 1) Provide local people with the security and support needed to harvest the trees at sustainable rates – the sound part; 2) Help them get the best possible price for the wood – the fair part.

exldev--logosmall.gif (1442 bytes) Excellent Development is a charity planting trees and building small-scale dams in Africa, which help to create an "oasis" of water and trees in semi-arid areas. Our work improves degraded environments whilst at the same time helps disadvantaged communities to increase incomes, food security and water supplies.

dalbergiapreservation.gif (13255 bytes) Dalbergia Preservation – A grassroots effort to preserve, reforest and promote sustainable resourcing of the Dalbergia species, the rosewood trees, in Brazil. Focusing on Dalbergia nigra, Brazilian Rosewood, an endangered species now outlawed in international trade, and other Brazilian rosewood species, such as Tulipwood, Dalbergia frutescans, Kingwood, Dalbergia cearensis, and Amazon Rosewood, Dalbergia spruceana.

conservation online logo.jpg (2517 bytes) Conservation Online – An interactive wildlife, environmental and cultural experience designed to raise awareness of global conservation issues by highlighting the solutions put forward by a variety of conservation organisations to a number of ongoing problems.

mtnforumlogo.jpg (3151 bytes) The Mountain Forum – This is a global network of individuals and organizations concerned with mountain cultures, environment and development. The mission of the Mountain forum is to provide a forum for information sharing, mutual support and advocacy.

nilebasinlogo.gif (3080 bytes) Nile Basin Society – This is a discussion forum whose mission is to increase the awareness of the Nile River water crisis, and develop a widely shared vision of a desirable, sustainable water future between Nile riparian countries and help them in the way to get there.

forestslogo.jpg (3160 bytes) Forest Conservation Links – a reviewed Forest Conservation search space - browse by category, or search the entire content of the best Internet scientific & advocacy resources.

arc_logo.gif (2407 bytes) African Rainforest ConservancyARC works to conserve and restore African rainforests –among  the oldest and most biodiverse in the world -- through training, community development, education and research and empowering local men, women, and children, to preserve their natural heritage for all present and future generations.

Tree Conservation – List of links to resources on tree conservation, its benefits, ideas for implementing tree conservation, activities for kids and conservation groups and programs.
African Wildlife and Conservation Resources  is a new comprehensive resource on African wildlife, its environment and conservation. The Guide to Internet Resources has been developed to consolidate the growing number of information sources relating to African wildlife and conservation available on the Internet.
Fauna and Flora International/SoundWood
The Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative – Very important ongoing mpingo conservation, development and research project in Lindi region of southern Tanzania.
Eco-Portal – The EnvironmentalSustainability.Info Source – The Eco-portal is the Internet's most comprehensive environmental resource ever, linking and providing full text search capabilities for the entire contents of over 3,000 reviewed Internet sites related to environmental sustainability.  The site tracks the latest environmental news stories which are updated several times daily.
Forest Conservation Portal – The Forest Conservation Portal provides vast rainforest, forest and biodiversity conservation news & information, including the ability to fully search reviewed forest conservation information on the Internet.  The mission of is to contribute to ending deforestation, preserving old-growth forests, conserving all forests, maintaining climatic systems and commencing the age of ecological restoration.
Forests, Trees and People – Network for sharing information on improving community forestry activities
Rainforest Action Network
Rainforest Alliance
The Forest Stewardship Council
Certified Forest Products Council (was Good Wood Alliance before Sept. 1997 merger)
JUST FORESTS–Irish Woodworkers for Africa
The World Conservation Monitoring Centre(WCMC)
WCMC – Tree Conservation Information Service/World List of Threatened Trees 
UN FAO Report – The State of the World's Forests – 2001
UN FAO Report – The State of the World's Forests – 2001 Country Report for Tanzania
National Tree Seed Programme of Tanzania
Tanzania Botanical Training Programme
College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka – Located on the Mweka Route at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Established in 1963 with the aim of providing training for employees of, and those seeking employment in, game parks, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks throughout the African continent. Webpage contains an excellent list of links about Tanzania including maps, wildlife and conservation areas, etc.
Miombo CD – Excellent GIS Databases of information about Miombo woodlands where Mpingos grow
The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development – Agenda 21, Chapt. 11-Deforestation
AllAfrica.comthe leading provider of African news and information worldwide, which also provides a daily updated page with environmental news headlines from African newspapers located on the ABCP site.
The Jane Goodall Institute advances the power of individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment fo rall living things.

ARTICLES AND INFORMATION ABOUT THE ABCP ON THE WWW article about the Spirit of the Land Award
Pambazuka News article about the Spirit of the Land Award
Arusha Times article about the Spirit of the Land Award article about the Spirit of the Land Award (United Nations Integrated Regional Information Networks) article about the Spirit of the Land Award


ICRAF Species Information page for Dalbergia Melanoxylon
Dalbergia melanoxylon: valuable wood from a neglected tree—A Guide to nitrogen-fixing trees
African Blackwood / Grenadillo—Facts about the Wood
Geographic Overviews of Africa—A weekly Internet magazine for people who want to learn about Africa
Global Trees Campaign—information page about African Blackwood
International Trade in African Blackwood, Jenkins, Oldfield & Aylett (2003), Fauna & Flora International Report.
Ebony, Music and Deforestation in East Africa—The Trade and Environmental Database (TED) is a unique inventory of the impacts of trade on environment, culture and a variety of other issues.


Mpingo: The Tree That Makes Music—Television Trust for the Environment distributes this video.
People and Plants Online—Depletion of Hardwoods for the Carving Trade in Kenya
Article on Carving Wood Shortage in Kenya
"Ebony on the Edge" – Newspaper Article from the San Francisco Chronicle (Sept. 18, 2000)
The Bayly Museum Makonde Carvings
Makonde "Tree of Life" Sculpture
Makonde Carvings from East Africa
Tanzania and Kenya; Artistry in Ebony; Carvings Tell Lyrical Tales of African Odysseys and Attitudes—dated travel article from LA Times, but some useful information about Makonde carvings.
Blackwood in Ornamental Turning
Casey Burns – Wind Instrument Maker
Conservation and Musical Instrument Making
Buffet Crampon Green Line Clarinets
Unsound Reasoning – Are wind musicians loving tropical woods to death? (Scientific American, Mar. 1998)
Hanson International – Makers of woodwind instruments from mpingo and alternative materials
Oboeist Brenda Schuman-Post discusses the historic and current status of African Blackwood, and presents social and environmental issues surrounding this vulnerable and valuable tree.
Mpingo used in manufacture of Chadash Clarinets.


J. Condino–Luthier of Mandolin, Guitar and Double Bass
Covey Oboes
Keefe Piccolos
Stanbridge Drum Company – A donation is made to the ABCP by Pete Stanfield every time he sells a drum made of African Blackwood.


CIA World Factbook - US Government country intelligence agency profile of Tanzania
Kris Vansteenkiste's Report on Trip to Tanzania – Witty account of a journey to Tanzania in the early fall of 1996 with excellent photographs of the Northern Parks area of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar
Notes on a Trip to Tanzania, by Tato Grasso and Matteo Rizzo – Journal of a trip again in the fall of 1996 from Kenya to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro and on to Zanzibar with many excellent photographs
World Travel Net - Search on Tanzania
Caren's Best – US exotic travel service run by Caren Banks, a supporter of the ABCP, offering personalized safaris often guided by Sebastian Chuwa
Eco-Travel – Guide with links to Tanzania information
Lonely Planet – Destination Tanzania – Traveler's guide to Tanzania
NewAfrica Guide to Tanzania – Very extensive base of information about all things Tanzanian
AfricaNet Guide to Tanzania – Information, history and factsheets on Tanzania
Walk on the Wildside – An active in depth adventure camping safari (Safari Specialists)
African Safaris and Expeditions
On Safari – Safari information
Thomson Safaris – Experienced safari company from the US
Hassan Ali – Native Tanzanian's Home Page with Swahili Language Primer
Africa News Online – the latest news from Tanzania – Interactive Tanzanian News and Information Site with detailed current information about the Government, Education, Business, Economy, History, People, Sport, Tourism, and Land
Tanzanian Section – African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania
Tanzanian Tourist Board – The official website for the Tanzanian government's tourist outreach
Geological Survey of Tanzania – the Mineral Resources Department of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals
SafariTanzania – beautiful site with growing information base about the country
Amnesty International Publications on Tanzania
Volcano World's Information on Mt. Kilimanjaro
Dinners and Menus from Tanzania


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